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瑞士swant公司, 多年來專注于鈣結合蛋白產品的研究,其產品雖種類不多,但是卻都經典熱銷,并且經常出現在高分的文章中。為國內外眾多相關領域科學家所熱衷。廣州泛思生物作為swant大中華區經銷商,將繼續為科研工作者提供最優質的產品與服務。

Swant - The world specialist for antibodies against calcium-binding protein.

such as: antibodies to Calbindin D-28k, Calretinin, Parvalbumin, Calmodulin and to Na 2+ -Ca 2+ -exchangers, Ca 2+ channels subunits, Ca 2+ pumps, Neurotransmitters, as well as their respective antigens


Antibodies against Ca2+ - binding proteins


Antibodies against Ca2+ - channels, Ca2+ - exchangers and Ca2+ - pumps


Antibodies against insulin-like growth factors


Antibodies against neurotransmitters


Antibodies against components of the renin-angiotensin system


Miscellaneous antibodies


Purified proteins